Marketing Strategy and Analyses


Every business needs a marketing strategy of some kind to set their direction. The best strategy and planning are based on an analysis of the present and future state practices, and some market research to assess opportunities and challenges.

We conduct analysis and research to find out:

* Who do you want to buy your items

* What is the optimal intersection of price and volume that will aid profitability and growth

* How do your customers like to get their information/What marketing items are creating the best response and why

* What competition is in your market place; are they any good at what they do

* Are there other businesses that you could collaborate with


Market Analysis & Market Reports

Market analysis and research is used to aid in decision making. It is an invaluable tool used by businesses to support financial projections and to gain a deeper understanding of their industry.

Jacquelyn L. Hayes has extensive experience working with market reports and incorporating them into business plans and financial projections. A custom written Business Plan by Jacquelyn includes pertinent market research applicable for companies with local sales or nationwide sales.