Business Sense

Donor Development is about Relationship Building; Date your donor!

  Non profit organizations are far more sophisticated in their marketing techniques today. Leads are identified based on likes, needs, wants, and capacity to give. Donors may have participated in your past fund raisers. Now they want to take the connection to the next level.  They may want a more intimate relationship with your non […]

Marketing Strategy for Non Profits

A sage mentor of mine told me “Jacki, if you can measure it you can make it”. Couple that with other popular sayings, “you must kiss frogs before you meet the prince”, and “begin with the end in mind”, and you have the basic ingredients for moving your business/firm/organization from the concept to the reality […]

Number Crunching – Who should you hire and why?

“Did we meet our financial targets?” “Is cash flow positive? “What do we tell the investors?” “What is the budget?” “Did we get top revenue?”  “Are the customers paying on time?” “What about the competition?”  “What about the future?   Finance is a vast profession with many nuances and specialties. During my work with small-to-mid […]