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FEAR KILLS — Develop the Mindset of a Winner!

“Fear is a killer. It kills hopes. It kills dreams. It kills careers.  It kills relationship.  How is it killing you?” Rhonda Britton, Fearless Living I have often wondered when people develop the ‘muscle memory’ associated with fear, and how you balance that with the opportunity costs of: “I wish I had; I should have; […]

Why Small Businesses Fail

  Big Lessons From My First Little Business’s Failure The number of articles, blogs and soothsayers ready to give you tips on starting your own business is INFINITE.  So there is no harm in my producing a few more.  (This is one of a series.) While in 5th grade, Denise Joyner and I were directed […]

Ebony Jr. of the Month – a trip back in time

Check out this article from Ebony Jr.