FEAR KILLS — Develop the Mindset of a Winner!

“Fear is a killer. It kills hopes. It kills dreams. It kills careers.  It kills relationship.  How is it killing you?” Rhonda Britton, Fearless Living

I have often wondered when people develop the ‘muscle memory’ associated with fear, and how you balance that with the opportunity costs of: “I wish I had; I should have; I could have.” Confidence and courage are requirements for self-actualization – for becoming the person you have the potential to be.

Today’s society is full of ‘one-hit wonders’, ‘overnight sensations’, glossy retouched mediocracy, and the sense that everything, including people is disposable.  I wrote words similar to these in 2002, and I am stunned that they are more valid today than they were a decade ago.

Fear of failure can destroy your hopes, and your dreams, and rob you of part of your life. Fear has no place in the mind of executives, entrepreneurs or individuals that are on a path of success and self awareness. The opportunity costs of allowing fear to run amok result in analysis paralysis, paranoia, and waste. (Managers and business agents that support lean principles hate waste!) 

To be successful, invoke your internal courage to be vulnerable. Acknowledge and accept responsibility for your role for bad circumstances, apologize if necessary, and work non-stop to make the changes needed to conquer fear.

Martin Luther King Jr., said “Courage faces fear and conquers it”. It takes courage to purge the muscle memory associated with disappointment, past failures and fear. It takes courage to let go of bitter yesterdays and fight for your future.

What would you do if you were not afraid?  What would you innovate?  What would you create?  Who would you be if you were not afraid? What is the opportunity cost of your fear?

Jacki Hayes

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