Marketing Strategy for Non Profits

A sage mentor of mine told me “Jacki, if you can measure it you can make it”. Couple that with other popular sayings, “you must kiss frogs before you meet the prince”, and “begin with the end in mind”, and you have the basic ingredients for moving your business/firm/organization from the concept to the reality phase.

I do a lot of work with non profits.  Many are interested in growing their donor pools after very difficult macro economic conditions (2008-to-the-present) left them with financial difficulties.

The first thing we do is identify how much money is needed; then we translate that into how many donors that would be. (Sometimes these calculations indicate goals are unrealistic or that several years will be needed for achievement.)

Optimistically, a business, organization and or non profit is doing very well if they get a 10-15% take rate.   So, if you need 15 donors, then you will need to identify and contact 100 leads!   Planning provides the expectations about the effort necessary for success.  It also provides 2 things to measure

  • total calls = 100
  • donors expected to say yes = 15.

In reality it may take 200 calls to get the donors. Calling the leads provides you with feedback (market feedback) about how your goods are being accepted in the market place.  There are no guarantees in business; however, having plans and targets makes operating less like luck and magic!




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